Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rally For Justice

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  1. Karunanidhi killed Prabhakaran

  2. Marching for better life for Srilankan Tamils
    It's time that people of Tamil origin from tamilnadu and across the Globe must think about the rehabilitation of the Tamils in Srilanka.Though we feel very bad for the Srilanka Tamils who were killed during the battle between LTTE and Srilanka army,To Make a better place to live, we need to concentrate on people's welfare of Srilankan tamil

    Following would be Crisp points can be moderated by Tamil scholars who have a better solution

    * No point in beleiving Political parties in tamilnadu
    *Families and family members of Srilankan tamils need to somewhow pass on the needed informations
    * After war is over , what could be the really needed things for the Srilankan tamils To grow Further
    * Really sparking youths of the Srilankan tamils are expected to do well in whatever career they do,they need to outperform the sinhala and prrove they are worth of a better living
    * Srilankan Tamils are subjected to Same or more amount of sorrows than the Israelis , who have undergone more such sorrows during the second world war.But in the Current scenario,Israelis do perform with flying colours across the Globe in all areas.

    When Israelis can do better why NOT SRILANKAN TAMILS , SO we need to Encourage and fullfill all the dreams of Srilankan Tamils who can proove to the world ,by excelling in the world arena.It is also a BIG CHALLENGE to kill a enemy without ARMS , AMMUNITIONS BUT WITH ECONOMY. So let us PLAN to build that.
    TO Achieve that what are the things SRILANKAN Tamils need from the PEOPLE of TAMILNADU and FROM TAMILS ACROSS THE GLOBE.